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Boost your E-COMMERCE with the power of Progressive Web Apps

5 Reasons why PWA's are the Future of E-Commerce

written by
Stéphane Chan-kam
Feb 27, 2020

Boost your E-COMMERCE with the power of Progressive Web Apps

NO app download required, yet a native app-like experience

PWA's are making the installation process a lot smoother and easier. Due to their lightweight and speed,  they usually get 5 to 6 times more installs than their native counterparts. In just one simple click, your users will be able to add your APP to their home screen with an app-like look & feel !

Increase User Engagement & Conversion

PWA's are Fast, Secure (all PWA's MUST be using HTTPS), and work Offline. Such characteristics will for sure drive up user engagement and conversion, as users are more delighted by leaner and quicker products.

According to, "UK clothing brand George saw a 31% increase in conversion, 2x lower bounce rate, and 20% increase in page views after upgrading to a PWA. The PWA was 3.8× faster than the previous site."

PWA's are about to become the de-facto standard for Desktop Applications

If you're ever using Chrome or the new Edge Browser, you've probably already notice this small "install" button on your URL bar. People hate to install programs that are eating up space on their hard drive, but things are about to change. There are currently more and more applications making the switch to PWA's, such as the Google Drive PWA for example.

Push Notifications

Do you have a new clothing line that you would like to promote to your users ? An exceptional service offer for a very special occasion ? With Push Notifications available on Desktop and Mobile (except on iOS devices for the moment), do not miss any occasion to notify your customers of your latest updates !

Easily Discoverable & Shareable, great for SEO

A PWA can be shared through a URL, as simple as that. As a result, it is very handy to promote your APP through emails, messaging apps, or QR codes,... At the same time, it becomes an opportunity for your brand to generate more backlinks that will benefit to your SEO strategy.

The big players in E-Commerce (Alibaba, Amazon, Flipkart...) already made the switch. As we just saw in the 5 points above, they can offer you a real competitive advantage in term of user engagement & conversion. PWA's are going to become the standard of mobile web browsing in the next coming years, and it might be the best time for you to take up this opportunity ! If you're ready to set up your PWA-enabled mobile web versions, take advantage of our expertise and let us know your requirements via our contact page.