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Lifecycle of a Good SEO Strategy

What are the key elements that will lead you to a successful SEO campaign ?

written by
Stéphane Chan-kam
Apr 5, 2020

Lifecycle of a good seo strategy


First, you need to find a partner who understand Technology and who will be able to avoid common SEO pitfalls. Proper use of HTML Tags, Metadata, and Canonical URLs are at the core of your journey to success !


While a good technologist will define a proper structure to work on, a well-designed website is the next step to take into consideration. Think Responsive, Fast to load, Mobile Optimized, Intuitive and Accessible.

Content Strategy

Now in order to drive traffic to your website, a good Content Strategy is key; you need someone who can identify your Buyer Personas, that will allow the use of the right Keywords, at the right places.

Funnel analysis

What is the value of all of your efforts if it can't be measured ? Often forgotten, the Funnel Analysis is what will make you understand how you can improve your User Flow in order to increase your Conversion Rate.

We, at Dreamspot, are always having in mind all the different points quoted above. Whether we are building a new website for one of our client, or revamping an existing one, we'll make significant adjustments that will definitely improve your SEO ranking and bring you better results !

If you are currently willing to establish a proper SEO plan for your website, feel free to reach us on our contact page.