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Your website look and feel matter !

If potential clients see a website that looks poorly designed, has formatting errors, or is slow to load, then subconsciously they will presume you’re sloppy or careless too.

written by
Stéphane Chan-kam
Jun 20, 2020

Websites are like children, most parents think their kid is better looking and smarter than the average kid and get offended when somebody points out otherwise.

The problem with this belief is that most of the websites out there feel like they fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

I have looked at more than a thousand of websites during my career and there are very few that I would qualify as really good ones. So few that I could probably count them on my 10 fingers.

In the early days of the World Wide Web, having an online presence to generate some leads was simply enough. Just having a website set you apart from the competition and made you look professional.

That is no longer the case and hasn’t been for quite some time.

Having a poorly designed, difficult to navigate and/or slow loading website is probably worse than having no website at all.

Why is that ?

Because if potential clients see a website with a clunky design, with formatting errors, or taking ages to load, then subconsciously they will presume you’re sloppy or careless too.

Remember, "You only get one chance to make a first impression", and this applies to your website too.

If you are selling 100% online, think of your website as your shop window because it basically is. If you do not look professionnal enough, then you may only get superficial leads at best, and nobody at worst.

You're probably already very busy with selling your services / building your business. Unless you have design and/or a coding background then you should not be designing your own website, mainly because this is not your area of expertise !

Would you attempt to do your own hair styling without any knowledge of it ? Probably not.

Nowadays, you can get a clean looking easy to navigate website on WordPress for well under $2,000 and you can get an amazing site that truly kicks ass for around $5k.

A re-design might eventually be done every 5 years or so, and you won't be needing to invest more than a well worth $5k in general for that. Think about how much sales you made thanks to your website or how much more you could have made if your website was optimized and elegant.

Free websites tools like Wix, Weebly, Sitebuilder or Squarespace won't give you much control over design, will make your SEO more difficult, and you don’t even own your content in the majority of cases.

Some people have said they upgrade to a paid version of the above for extra features. While it might work for some individuals, avoid them if you want to seriously develop & market your business online.

Even companies that ‘specialize’ in offering sites for your niche, should most of the time be avoided because they’ll be using the same templates for everyone and just drag-and-dropping everything.

The net result of this is that all their sites look the same and don’t meet your individual needs.

Exceptions exist, but they are rare as hens' teeth. If you would like to ask for advice, choose a professional company specialized in online sales, e-commerce and do not underestimate the importance of SEO.

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