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Ordering made simple


Collaborative, Optimised Mobile Menu

Like it is possible to work on a Google Doc with multiple users at the same time, we built an optimized mobile menu where everyone at the table could place an order collaboratively !

Cloud Menu Management

All of our restaurant menus are directly stored and synchronized in the cloud, with any connected clients getting the latest available version anywhere, anytime.

POS integration

Most of the restaurant are usually working with a POS system already, this is why we provided a secure API for a better integration between the different systems available out there.

Share Restaurant Menus on mobile without having to download an application

Is the waiter taking a long time to come to serve you ? Are you tired of raising your hand without being noticed ? Only want to order when you are ready and sure of what you'd like ? With eWaiter, people just need to scan the QR code located on the table to view the menu. The latest available version will always be reflected, as it is synchronized with our cloud servers. Any changes will appear on the QR immediately to make sure that all guests are informed accurately.

eWaiter QRcode table mobile phone scan

More than convenient

We helped restaurants to increase the number of reorders, and to make their menu easier to understand and more organized. It can also be connected to their POS system and send all the orders to the kitchen directly.

intro3eWaiter app presentation coffee shop

Lost in translation ?

No more headaches trying to explain what's on the menu to potential foreign customers. Thanks to our real-time backend translation system, restaurants get a real competitive advantage by having the content of their menu automatically translated in the language spoken by their customers.

Multilingual eWaiter App