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Mon Journal

Sophisticated yet practical "Journaling" APP


AI-powered Journaling

With the help of machine learning, we've implemented a system that will learn from the users over time and guide them through questions that will fit the best to their profile. Day after day, the app will get to know the user better and will be able to do better recommendations.

Native iOS & Android on a Single Codebase

Thanks to the power of Flutter, we were able to build the entire APP interface within a month, using a single codebase for both iOS & Android platforms, with the flexibility to customize when necessary. Faster to ship features, easier to maintain !

Advanced Statistics Module

The analytics server will calculate in near realtime the weekly, monthly and annual statistics of a each user, whenever a new entry is added or updated, allowing all users to keep an eye on their emotions and feelings with precision through time.

French Journaling, French Elegance

French flair can be described with one line: "Elegance is a refusal" - Americans are always after the next big thing, as opposed to timeless pieces. The User Interface of Mon Journal is faithful to the style that French people usually know, and what they are loyal to.

Mon Journal App on iOS devices

Clear Analytics Visualization

Keep it clear, keep it clean. As a user, it must be very easy to understand and to access to your own analytics data. We kept this in mind when we built the analytics module, making it visually unclouded, showing only things that appear to be essential, coupled with an intuitive gesture navigation.

Checking Mon Journal Analytics in plane

Cloud backed data

As an entire cloud solution, Mon Journal User Data are backed and replication on multiple servers across the globe allowing a fast and fault-tolerant access to data no matter your location in the world.

Mon Journal iOS story screen