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Overhand Fitness

Gamified & Immersive Fitness Experience


Interactive User Experience

Overhand Fitness has been designed with a fully-immersive experience in mind. Massive wall screens were used to display the real-time activity of each users, which represented a very interested challenge in terms of User Experience.

Coach App Control Center

In order to be able control the class flow and to have a better insights on each user activity, we built a tablet application that acted as a remote control for the entire system.

Real-time user movement tracking

Thanks to wrist-trackers wore by the class participants, it was possible to get their fitness movements in real time. This represented a huge challenged as there was an important amount of data flowing through our servers every 200 milliseconds, that needed to be processed and displayed on the screen accurately.

Overhand Fitness X Adidas China - Republic of Sport

In collaboration with Adidas China, Overhand was part of a one-month summer event organized in Shanghai. Our tech team had to be present in order to setup all the wireless receivers, checking screens setup, as well as making sure the program was running perfectly with all the interferences in such a crowded space.


Motion Tracking Sensors

Thanks to a proprietary technology that belongs to the Overhand Hardware team, it was possible for us to collect people's data in real time, and to use these data to provide a truly gamified fitness experience to the users. Individual competition, Team Versus or Overall Cooperation, just a bunch of fun !


Total immersion

For each different exercises, participants position in the environment would eventually change, as well as their focus. It represented a very exciting and interesting challenge for us to solve, as we went really deep into understanding the dynamic for each activity, while always keeping in mind what would the user feel.

Overhand Fitness x Chinafit - Battle rope and Squats class